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Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

This article should really be called: “How to Lose Your Credibility by Using Social Media Like a Jerk and Making Customers Avoid You Forever”. But that’s not a very catchy title. Whatever you call it though, these are some of the main social media mistakes that I see every day. Automate Everything Social media mistake number one is something that annoys many people. There are many social platforms out there and it’s hard to keep up with them all. It could seem like a good idea to link your accounts so every status update you make is duplicated across all your platforms. Good idea? Terrible idea. This is definitely one of those instances where the easy option is the wrong option. Linking accounts (with a very few exceptions) just alienates your online friends. We don’t need more bulletin boards online, what we’re really looking for is genuine connection with people who we like, and who may give us a fresh perspective or teach us a thing or two. When...

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