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Fireworks in Plymouth

We hope you’ll enjoy your fireworks on Bonfire Night and have a fun evening. But there’s one very important thing to consider: the noise and smells generated by fireworks can be very scary for animals of every kind.

Look After Your Pets On Bonfire Night

So please consider the safety and feelings of pets and wild animals. Make sure your pets are safely indoors and stay in where they know they are safe and secure before the festivities begin. If you don’t have pets you can still be considerate by waiting until the evening before you set off any whizz-bangs.


There is one more important consideration for those who have bonfires. Small animals such as mice and hedgehogs can often be tempted to nestle in the bonfire the night before. It’s an ideal environment for them. But if you don’t make sure they have vacated the premises before you light your bonfire, it could become a fiery trap. Numbers of wild hedgehogs has declined steeply in the UK over recent years. Please do your bit to stop them becoming extinct by checking before you ignite.

If you want to help further, contact Prickly Ball Farm on


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