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An American Visitor in Plymouth

Posted by in The Plymouth Blog

My teenage daughter announced recently that an American friend she had met on the internet was coming to England this summer, and could she come and stay with us! We hummed and hawed a bit thinking, we’ve never met this girl or her family, indeed our daughter has never met this girl or her family if it comes to that! Eventually, in a mad spirit of hospitality, we said she could come and stay for two nights and that we would meet her at Plymouth train station. We felt a little nervous at entertaining a stranger from overseas, after all you hear about weirdos posing as normal people on...

Which Is Greener – Country Life or City Life?

Posted by in The Plymouth Blog

People who want to live a greener life often move to the country, raise chickens, grow their own vegetables and take part in country life generally. But, is it really greener to live in the country? I would argue that it may not be. People who want to be really green should live in the city. Everything in Walking Distance For example, I live in Plymouth. I can walk into the city centre in half an hour. I can walk to the swimming pool or the local shops and school in 10 to 15 minutes. If I’m too lazy to walk, there is a bus stop at the end...

Is Plymouth too Remote?

Posted by in The Plymouth Blog

Some companies consider Plymouth to be geographically remote and are reluctant to base resources somewhere that is considered to be in a peripheral location. As a result Plymouth is very dependant upon it’s University, Derriford Hospital and Devonport Dockyard. Which makes all the media reports about the Dockyard’s uncertain future, particularly unsettling for the people of Plymouth. I hope that the Dockyard will retain enough work to avoid redundancies, but that is out of our hands to some extent. Distance Can Be a Good Thing However there is one aspect in which, Plymouth’s perceived remoteness is not a disadvantage, in fact it could even be considered an attraction. And...

Plymouth is a Great Base for a Day Out

Posted by in The Plymouth Blog

We had a family day out at Tintagel yesterday, and on the journey home it occurred to me what a handy base Plymouth is for a day out. Easy to Get to I can thoroughly recommend Tintagel. I hadn’t been there for about 20 years (is it really that long?) so only had a vague memory of what it was like, but it has a lot to offer a family. An atmospheric ruined castle overlooking the sea (could it really be Camelot?), a sandy beach with caves, and lots of gift shops, pubs and cafes (all with a Camelot/King Arthur theme!) Tintagel was so easy to get to, just...

The Emotional Bank Account

Posted by in Personal Development

“At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is they are usually married to each other.” These words, written some time ago by an Agony Aunt still ring true today. Couples can seem so unsuitable for each other. If he’s tidy, she’s messy – if she loves the outdoors, he loves watching tv – if she’s a saver, he’s a spender. In fact the more you think about it – it’s amazing that any relationship lasts at all. Relationships are Peculiar Things Relationships, in all their guises are peculiar things. For all the common bonds...

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