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Is 3G Family Living the Way Forward?

Posted by in Finance

Financial planning has probably never been as complicated as it is today. It makes the job of the Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) absolutely crucial, especially regarding long-term commitments. As well as the individual’s choice and preferences, the IFA has to keep a careful eye on social trends and their impact on the future. The disturbing recent images of Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments at various hospitals struggling to cope with the increased demand, especially regarding the older generation, had many of us wondering what sort of treatment might await us in the future. The thought of our nearest and dearest lying on hospital trolleys for hours waiting to be...

Do You Have Any Unclaimed Savings?

Posted by in Finance

There is a treasure trove of over £10 billion in the UK just sitting there waiting for us to claim it. That is the amount that is in dormant bank accounts, forgotten pensions, unclaimed inheritances and investments and even over payments to energy companies. The unclaimed sums are quite staggering – £41m in premium bonds, £153m in energy overpayments; £850m in current and savings accounts, £2.4b in inheritances, £3bn in pensions and £4bn in shares! The internet can provide a great (and quick) way of trying to track down this lost money. It is important to make sure you are searching through the official sites. There are many copycat...

A Financial Safety Net

Posted by in Finance

The dream for most investors, whether that hard-earned cash goes into property, equities, premium bonds or pensions, is to see that money grow and provide increasing financially security. The nightmare scenario is that the investment loses value over the years, perhaps disappearing altogether. For many investors, losses often figure larger in the decision-making process than profits. The investor himself might not realise this initially, but when questioned by an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) about investment preferences, it emerges as a key, perhaps prime concern. Yet recent evidence suggests that your money is never safe, even when it is deposited in your own bank account. “A fool and his money...

Death and Taxes

Posted by in Finance

Recent economic data suggests that a return to the good times is still not quite around the corner; the past six years of austerity will continue beyond next May’s General Election.

Where Are You Working Today? How to Choose a Working Space in Plymouth

Posted by in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Do you consider the work you need to do each day and then decide where you should work based on what you need to get done? Collaborative working expert Sabrina Simpson tells us why we should be doing exactly that. Tailor Where You Work to What You Do Making sure you are working in the right space for the kind of work you need to do sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Taking the time to tailor where you work for different kinds of activities can make a huge difference in your productivity. The Four Kinds of Workspace Most of us need at least four different types of working spaces: a place...

Thank You Plymouth

Posted by in The Plymouth Blog

I like the idea of taking time to be grateful for what we have. So I thought it would be nice to remember some of the things that make Plymouth so great. You may like to add some of your own in the comments section below. Thank you for Plymouth Sound In Plymouth, we are blessed with one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the World. it has been host to historic events, wartime drama and international sporting challenges. Now we can use it freely for our own pleasure pretty much any day of the week. How many other cities can boast that? Thank you for Dartmoor National Park Yes,...

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