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Theo Paphitis in Plymouth – on Business

Posted by in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Theo Paphitis is one of the best-known names in British business. Having already established his name and reputation as a specialist in turning around ailing businesses, he hit public fame as one of the panel of entrepreneurs on Dragon’s Den. Theo Paphitis rapidly became known for his sense of humour as well as his business acumen. He chose Plymouth as the home of his latest Boux Avenue store (you can read our interview with him about that here) but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk to him about business in general. How do you begin a conversation with someone who’s name is as well-known as Theo Paphitis? His own...

Boux Avenue in Plymouth

Posted by in Around Plymouth

November saw the arrival of a new store in Plymouth’s Drake Circus shopping centre. This was the launch of the 24th Boux Avenue shop in the chain owned by ex-Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. I was given the opportunity to ask him a few questions about why he chose Plymouth for his latest store. I jumped at the chance – I’ve been in business for 21 years myself so I had a few questions,  and who doesn’t love talking about quality clothing? Here is how our conversation went. What makes Boux Avenue different? Why shouldn’t I just get my knickers from Next or M&S? Attention to detail, exceptional customer...

How to Flex Your Twitter BICEP

Posted by in Ash Mashhadi Internet Expert

Plymouth is home to a very active Twitter community. We use it to discuss local issues, find out what’s going on, connect with people like ourselves and attract customers to our businesses. I am happy to say I know nearly every Plymothian who is currently on Twitter (if I’m not following you yet, let me know) and the fact is we’re all a pretty generous and supportive crowd. When you need help or advice on almost any topic, there’s always someone willing to help you. But despite that, not enough users know how to make the most of their account. On Twitter, there’s always someone willing to help you. #socialmedia Click...

Wedding Anniversary Gifts by the Year

Posted by in Living

Every year, on our wedding anniversary we have the same conversation: “So what is the official gift for this year?” “I don’t know. Why don’t you Google it?” Like most people, we know that 25 years is your silver anniversary and your 50th year is your golden anniversary. But what about 14 years? Or 3 years? What do you get for someone on their third wedding anniversary? Well, worry no more. This handy guide lists all the ones we could find. We’ve listed the traditional anniversary gifts and the modern versions too. YearTraditional GiftsModern Gifts 1stPaperClocks 2ndCottonChina 3rdLeatherCrystal, glass 4thFlowers, fruitAppliances 5thWoodSilverware 6thSugarWood 7thWool, copperDesk sets 8thBronze, potteryLinen, lace...

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